We are not a  banquet hall but food catering is available by a wide variety of catering vendors  in the region. We do not have our own in-house catering service. That is supplied by the sponsor holding the event. The kitchen equipment on site at the Center should provide a good foundation for your caterer to prepare and serve a wonderful meal. Please feel free to contact any of the preferred vendors on the Vendor list on this Webpage. These companies have indicated a willingness to provide you with a great meal with in our facility. A recent decision from the Grand Lodge of Ohio Masons now allows for the service of alcoholic beverages in non-Masonic areas of the Center. These areas are on the first and ground floors. The Event Sponsor and/or the Caterer must provide documentation of an Alcohol Liability insurance policy with the Springfield Masonic Center named as a secondary insured. This is normally secured from your Homeowner's Insurance Company.

Ball Room Rental Amenities

Rental of the Ball Room includes the following equipment:

  • Banquet Tables (rectangular) in 6’ and 8’ lengths and chairs sufficient to seat 350 people.
  • Access to the stage for performances by bands or DJ, Head table seating, etc.
  • Use of the Masonic Center Parlor as a preparation room or lounge.
The Springfield Masonic Center is looking forward to hearing from you with questions about how we can help put on your event.  Tours and phone conferences are welcomed.  As is often said the only bad questions are the one we don’t ask.  We are interested in providing the best environment for wonderful events and are open to suggestion.  Download our Rental Booklet here.
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