Room Weekday Friday Evening to Saturday
Main Floor    
  Ballroom $2,000 < 5 hours $2,000
  Coat Room No Charge:  unattended by Center Staff ,,No Charge:  unattended by Center Staff
Second Floor    
  Board Room $150 < 4hours $300 4 hours or more
Fifth Floor    
  Auditorium $2,500<4 hours $2,500 <4hours or more
Ground Floor    
  Star Room $200 < 4 hours $300 4 hours or more
  Club Room $200 < 4 hours $300 4 hours or more
Mandatory Security Deposit $150 for Rentals less than $700 $250 for Rentals $700 or more


* Rates for multiple venue rentals by the same party, same day can be discounted by negotiation.

The Springfield Masonic Center is looking forward to hearing from you with questions about how we can help put on your event.  Tours and phone conferences are welcomed.  As is often said the only bad questions are the one we don’t ask.  We are interested in providing the best environment for wonderful events and are open to suggestion. We do not charge recognized Masonic bodies to use any of our facilities. If you have an event for the future, don't hesitate to contact the Business Manager to get your event on the calendar. 
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